Our Activities

All our activities are meant to improve the families’ wellbeing and bring them to self-sufficiency.

Support for Ukrainian refugees

During the first month since February 24th, the day that marked the beginning of war in Ukraine, Moldova sheltered over 360.000 Ukrainian refugees, of which an estimated 120,000 are planning to remain in the country and more than 3,000 have applied for asylum. These are mostly women and children who have had to say goodbye to loved ones and run away under a terrifying thunder of explosions and sirens, with no preparation and no clear destination. These are innocent people whose life has been turned upside down and are now incredibly vulnerable and dependent on strangers’ kindness. The Republic of Moldova, while rich in kind and empathetic people, lacks the material resources necessary to successfully shelter the big flow of refugees, which is why external help became absolutely vital in this time of humanitarian crisis. Thankfully, people and organizations from outside of Moldova have joined forces with those in Moldova to show solidarity with Ukraine and help its people find shelter, support, and protection in Moldova.

“The Moldova Project” is an Association specialized in working with vulnerable families and children from rural Moldova. However, since the beginning of the military conflict in Ukraine, we have adjusted our activity to also provide relief to the refugees coming to our country, offering transportation from the borders, donations of food and warm meals, clothing and hygiene items, help in identifying accommodation, therapeutic activities for children, and several other types of support. We are also launching a new project aimed at improving refugees’ lives in Moldova through a mix of activities that will involve psychologists, teachers, and lawyers.

We thank everyone who is showing their support for the people of Ukraine in any form or shape, everyone who is trusting our Association to do its maximum to help those who sought refuge in Moldova, and everyone who believes in unconditional love, kindness, and peace.