Our Activities

All our activities are meant to improve the families’ wellbeing and bring them to self-sufficiency.

The Playroom Project

So far, we opened 7 playrooms, of which 5 are in our beneficiaries’ villages and 2 in children’s institutions. Alltogether, they are being used by thousands of children, including by the ones in our project, who have little or no resources for recreation and relaxation at home.

The playrooms are safe spaces, packed with socio-educational resources, such as board games, books, toys, and school supplies. They can contribute to childrens’ intellectual and emotional growth through play, relaxation, and hand-crafting, as well as help children overcome their personal barriers by providing a protected environment for self-expression and socialization. They can be accessed free of charge by every child in the community, fighting against discrimination by encouraging socialization amongst children fromvarious social groups.