Our Activities

All our activities are meant to improve the families’ wellbeing and bring them to self-sufficiency.

The Mobile Library

We created this service in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, and especially to schools being closed down and our children being deprived of their access to their education (not having access to the Internet).

Our initial collection of books included approx. 200 books in various genres and for various ages, which traveled to our children’s homes in our minivan. Our Play-therapist took on the role of “librarian”, and started helping out our children to choose books that would best catch their interest and would contribute to their intellectual growth while in lock down. 

The mobile library continues to be accessible to children even outside of the state of emergency, and its collection has been expanded to over 400 books now.

We intend to continue this service, hopefully also adding board games to the collection, promoting a healthy and educational pass-time amongst our beneficiaries.